Who We Are

Here at Visual Performance Management we are dedicated to producing software solutions that improve process efficiency and performance for manufacturing processes through real-time data capture and visual display.

We have the combined expertise of software developers, engineers and continuous improvement experts with first-hand experience of working in manufacturing environments. This means that we understand the challenges and opportunities that exist in production processes as well as having the skills and knowledge to create solutions that address these issues.

Our Solutions

Our real-time production monitoring software is suitable in any manufacturing environment such as life sciences, materials, food & drink, bottling, timber or electronics. The VPM-Visualizer:

  • Provides clear, real-time information on production measures such as scrap level and machine efficiency directly to anything from tablets to TVs
  • Creates visibility of your manufacturing process from shop floor to boardroom
  • Gives you the control to fix problems before they escalate, eliminate waste and focus on the critical areas to reduce cost in your operations

6 Reasons to Use the VPM-Visualizer:

  • We will spend time with you to understand your production process and how our solutions best fit with your culture
  • Viewing real-time performance of your manufacturing lines from anywhere will generate great savings and return on investment within 6 – 12 months
  • Using the latest technology will put you ahead of your competition as manufacturing becomes more interconnected
  • The system was designed by people who have worked in world class manufacturing organisations
  • Our ongoing maintenance and support will make sure everything always runs smoothly
  • Being simple to use your people can be up and running quickly with minimum disruption of day to day responsibilities


Key Features

The VPM-Visualiser is our highly capable production monitoring system that enables producers to gain complete control of their manufacturing operations by monitoring, gathering and reporting key information in real-time.


  • Automatic or manual data entry
  • Input from PCs, tablets or other mobile devices
  • Real time output displays to wall mounted monitors, smartboards, tablets or phones

  • Restrict user access to trained users
  • Create new process flows easily
  • Configure the process targets to raise the bar as the process improves

  • Trend batch to batch and within batch
  • Real-time cost calculations
  • Fix issues before they escalate

  • Display real-time performance anywhere, anytime
  • Export historical data to assist Lean Six Sigma initiatives